Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Spring" Cleaning - Housekeeping #1

In the interest of preserving my sanity and providing myself with a slightly more rigid structure for this blog, I have decided to devote every 12th post to housekeeping.  I have thus far managed to keep to my intended twice-weekly schedule, but this will provide me with more tangible goals, which are just the sort of thing I am going to need if I am going to keep this up.

That being said, these posts will include information about upcoming posts, pageviews, the latest adventures of Kevin, anything else blog-related that comes to mind, my other creative projects., and an occasional special announcement.

For starters, Kevin is feeling somewhat annoyed at the lack of updates about his personal life. By "somewhat annoyed", I mean he has refused to clean anything and has taken to hiding my glasses.  Seeing as I rarely wear them, his strategy to gain more blogtime has thus far proven ineffectual.

(If you have perchance only just arrived at this blog or not seen the earlier posts mentioning him, Kevin is my "cleaning" figment - an imaginary construct I created to amuse and, when he's behaving, to do some tidying up.  He's not managing much of that right now though on account of having eaten his broom)

There is then the matter of my schedule for the remainder of March, which is as follows:

3/19 - Another Top Ten Tuesday! The topic will be "Top Ten Books I HAD to Buy... But are Still Sitting on My Shelf Unread".  If you're interested in participating, you can find more information here.

3/21 - I will be posting another novel excerpt, this time from Teind.  No spoilers, you'll just have to pop in and read it to find out.  (A brief, hastily-written summary of the novel can be found here)

3/26 - Another Top Ten Tuesday!  I must confess, when I started out on this blog, I hadn't intended to participate in TTT every week, but it's growing on me, so I will be giving it a go again.  The topic will be "Top Ten Books I Recommend the Most".

3/28 - This day's post will be the sequel to Stories over Tea (found here), I've been piecing this one together for the last few weeks and will hopefully have it done by then.

April - April is hereby declared "Art Month."  Every Thursday for the month, I will be posting either a piece of art that I have created or a series of photographs on the subject of my choosing.  Regardless of which I choose, there will also be back story and/or prose of some kind connected to each piece.  The reason for this is...

Camp Nanowrimo

Camp Nanowrimo is a month-long event in April (and again in July) during which amateur novelists such as myself will be attempting to write a novel in the span of one month.  Unlike its big brother, Nanowrimo, C.N. allows custom word count goals (Nanowrimo's is 50,000).  Thus, I shall be attempting to write 75,000 words in either Teind or Underking over the course of April.  As this will require at least 2500 words a day, I'm going to be very busy.  So you all will get artwork while I try to squeeze as many possible words as I can out of my brain into novel-writing.

For more information, click here.

May is too far into the future for me to reliably set any sort of schedule, so we will leave that open for now.  I am currently working on a few other projects, but they are still too new to report upon, so I shall close by thanking you all once again for reading, and I hope I can continue to provide you with entertaining or, barring that, at least not boring enough that you regret reading it.


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